Upgrading Oracle databases? With Database as a Service!

portrait-sebastian-blochSince the 1980s, Oracle databases have acted as digital data stores for a wide range of business applications. But using them takes up a lot of resources. Entirely on-premises solutions in particular are also being pushed to their limits when it comes to implementing business requirements. Cloud-based database services can help.

Oracle databases are still an integral part of the IT landscape in many companies. The combination of security, high scalability and availability offers features for almost every use case. However, using database systems like this is resource-intensive, not least due to high investments in IT resources (hardware), costs for setup, operation and maintenance, as well as the associated need for specific expertise. In addition, entirely on-premises environments are increasingly reaching their limits when it comes to implementing business requirements.

Given this situation, companies will sooner or later have to deal with modernising their databases, i.e. to include Cloud services. After all, only those who continue to have their data under control will be able to meet the challenges of the future, make the right decisions and develop new business models and services.

A sustainable database future

The demands on a modern database environment couldn't be more diverse: On the one hand, there are technical aspects such as availability, stability, connectivity, compatibility and technological development. On the other hand, there are corporate aspects such as strategy, time to market, new business models, cost pressure or the investment strategy (CAPEX/OPEX). And last but not least, framework parameters such as government specifications (data protection, FINMA, Cloud Act, etc.), economic development, environmental influences, etc., cannot be neglected as they often form the basis of decisions over whether a Cloud solution is a GO or a NO-GO.

How do you reconcile all these requirements? With Database as a Service (DBaaS), for instance in the form of the Managed Oracle Database Service from Trivadis and Swisscom. Designed for high-performance, enterprise-compatible and security-critical applications, the service provides the perfect platform for businesses looking to migrate their applications and data to the modern IT world. And all of this completely from Switzerland! Scalable, reliable and secure. Swisscom supplies the data centre, connectivity and the Swiss Cloud environment, while Trivadis develops and operates the database platform.

The Managed Oracle Database Service is a Cloud-based database service from Switzerland, for Switzerland. Currently the only service of its type – there is no other Oracle Managed Service that delivers everything from Switzerland, from development to data storage through to support.

Roland Bieri, Head of Product House Security & Cloud at Swisscom, sums up the benefits: "Swisscom's partnership with Trivadis not only allows our customers to dispense with data management and focus on their core business, they can also rely on Swisscom's secure Swiss cloud." An offer that is more than just a "nice to have", especially for companies with high data security requirements.

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