Trivadis TechEvent 2017: Passion meets Innovation

Registration_TechEvent17.jpgInnovation, quality, enthusiasm and customer orientation – these keywords were the focus of this year's Trivadis TechEvent, held on the 15th of September. Many contributions from customers and staff told about the implementation of the digital transformation, which demands exactly these virtues. Only with enthusiasm can new ideas be developed and only when quality is good can these result in real projects. And only when the customer receives advantages and added value is the project worthwhile.

Behind all of this there are, of course, technologies that the Trivadis experts have long mastered, passing on their know-how and experiences to customers. This includes Blockchain, chatbots, IoT, stream processing and data lakes, but also more mundane subjects such as backup and recovery, database migration and more – because without dependable IT even the best innovations are useless.

Around 700 participants in Zurich


"We truly add value. We inspire – through cooperation and through results." This was the pledge of the Trivadis interim CEO and Chairman of the Board Urban Lankes to the around 700 participants in the TechEvent, held in the Moevenpick Hotel in Regensdorf near Zurich. The jam packed agenda (from 8.30am to 11pm) included more than 70 sessions and the keynote speech by the British “agitator and business rocker” Nigel Barlow.

After a welcoming address by Urban Lankes, there followed two digital transformation flagship projects to set the tone for the day. Manfred Schrettenbrunner, R&D Manager at the machine building company Kaltenbach,described in detail why and how this 130--year-old company undertook the stony road to the digital transformation and how, as a machine builder, the company extended its portfolio to include service and software elements with the help of Trivadis.

Trivadis staff member Martin Luckow then presented a transformation project at a large waste disposal company. To protect its market leadership, the company found it necessary to also take the route to the digital transformation, selecting Trivadis to accompany it as an advisor on its way there. The transformation process first determined the degree of digital maturity. For this purpose, Trivadis developed the so-called Digital Maturity Assessment, a service that is in the meantime available to any company.

Innovation, ideas and that Caribbean feeling

This innovative internal development also took third place in the Trivadis Innovation Award that was later awarded. With this prize, every year Trivadis recognises the most innovative ideas from staff that offer significant added value for customers. The team that developed a Java application for database migration from Oracle to MySQL using TVD Espresso came second. First prize was given to the team that equipped theSwiss co-working space from Microsoft in Wallisellen with IoT-capable sensors and an app for the management of bookings and utilisation assignments.


An equally eye-opening and entertaining high point of the day was the keynote address by Nigel Barlow with the title Possibility Thinking. The innovation researcher presented scientific findings regarding the readiness of people to handle change and innovation and, with ironic mind games, challenged the auditorium to say goodbye to stereotypes. "Just talk to a stranger. Don't always say 'yes but...’, – allow yourself to be receptive to new ideas, surround yourself with enthusiasts and ask them about things you don't know about or don't understand."


After the last session some people went to the bar for aperitifs, while others stretched their legs on a 7 km walk round the Katzensee lake. The gates to the Caribbean Night opened at 19:30 hours – as well as culinary delights from the Creole kitchen, Caribbean cocktails ensured that the mood was relaxed. The winner of the Trivadis New Idea award was made known ahead of the salsa course and a bitcoin game.

A total of 20 projects originating in the Company put themselves forward for this award. The TechEvent participants were called on to select their favourites among the four finalists via event-app. The third place was awarded to "Drone Deer" – the search for deer kits in the wild by means of drones – while the participants awarded second place to the project "Vending Machine" an IoT solution that makes purchasing from automatic vending machines easier for blind people. The New Idea Award was taken by the project "TVD Smart Parking", an IOT solution that displays and manages free parking places via an app – Trivadis plans to use this solution in Basel.


During the Caribbean Night, the attendees passed to reflect on the people in this region who suffered severely due to the hurricanes. Urban Lankes called for charitable donations. By the end of the evening, around Fr.3000 had been raised, the highest individual donation being of Fr.500. Trivadis doubled this sum, giving a total of Fr.6000. A big thank you goes to all those who donated as well as all participants and speakers at the TechEvent 2017. We'll see each other again next year!


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