The Cloud – Unearthing data treasure

Everyone is talking about the benefits of cloud computing. However, the cloud is only the means to an end for what brings companies the real added value: the intelligent use of their own data.

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Data-driven business: 3 major misconceptions and how to overcome them

Is a company classed as "data-driven" solely because it collects vast amounts of data? And are data-driven projects the sole responsibility of IT? No, says Eberhard Lösch. In his article, he clears up these and other misconceptions and reveals what is needed for successful data-driven business.

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“Defeats show you who is truly a champion – and who is not”

Dimitri Steinmann, one of the world’s top squash players at only 22 years old, is the official ambassador for the ghosting app “Go to the T” from Trivadis. We spoke with him about mental toughness, creativity in the game and his fascination with Muhammad Ali – and about what executives can learn from him.

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Data Innovation – Interview with Olaf Nimz

A company's ability to innovate is one of the key factors today to be and stay competitive. In a world that spins faster and faster, business models must be constantly renewed according to trends and developments. The basis for this is the intelligent handling of data made possible by modern data innovation platforms. What do such platforms have to achieve? Which tools are frequently used? We asked Olaf Nimz, responsible for Chief Data Scientist at Trivadis.

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