Who needs a digital strategy?

The short answer is: Not every company. The vast majority nowadays. Fewer in the future.

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Artificial intelligence and the future of solution development – thoughts on GTP-3

The aim of solution development is usually to automate processes. At the same time, solution development itself has always been the goal of automation. This has led to a large number of valuable tools and paradigms. There has long been an indication of a change, which is likely to be much closer than many expected due to recent developments. Artificial intelligence plays a decisive role in this.

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Work that you “really, really want”


New Work has been one of the most colourful buzzwords in the business world for several years now. However, the term is rarely understood as it was originally intended. A trip to Michigan in the early 1980s.

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The Dark Side of Leadership

SAP recently announced that it would be disbanding its joint leadership – as had Oracle, Deutsche Bank, Salesforce and others before them. Immediately following this announcement, the co-CEO model was declared to be dead. The crux of the matter wasn’t the model itself, though, but rather our idea of what a (co)-CEO should be.

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