What's behind cloud computing?

Our interviews with Trivadis co-CEO Gerry have so far focused on the confidence that we can have in the Cloud and the possible threats. Today, we want to interview Gerry and the two Trivadis experts Christian Golz and Stefan Lengacher, both Program Managers, about cloud computing. They are responsible for the Portfolio Management Cloud Computing at Trivadis.

Topics: Cloud Computing Data Privacy

What threats is the Cloud exposed to?

In our first interview with Gerald Klump, Trivadis Co-CEO, on the topic of the Cloud, we looked at the aspect of database security. This time, we will focus on the risks associated with using the Cloud. 

Topics: Cloud Computing Data Privacy

How much trust can we have in the Cloud?

Why are businesses reluctant to use the public cloud? Concerns over security are a particularly crucial factor: For instance, businesses may worry that third parties could gain unauthorised access to sensitive corporate data. They may also feel unsure about legal issues or doubt whether a public cloud can be integrated into existing solutions.

Topics: Cloud Computing Data Privacy Interview