Today’s the day: The first Trivadis door opens!

ovo_rundToday the most well-known countdown in the world starts again. It is counted down over 24 days, door by door, until Christmas. Trivadis has come up with something special this year: a multimedia, digital Advent calendar with 24 surprises. In this blog post, you can take a peek through the keyhole to see what awaits in the coming days...

Created in the 19th century, an Advent calendar was above all one thing: a counting aid and timer until December 24. Depending on the custom or culture, for example, 24 lines were drawn on the wall or door with chalk, of which the children were allowed to wipe one away every day. Or straws were placed in the crib – one for every day – until Christmas Eve came. But before too long we became more innovative. The first calendars followed with beautiful pictures and shortly thereafter also those with chocolate and other sweet delicacies.

An Advent calendar is no longer just about counting the days until Christmas Eve. The aim is to shorten the waiting time with a daily surprise and to create anticipation. And because beautiful pictures or chocolate aren't for everyone, it's already available in all conceivable versions: for vegans and BBQ fanatics, couples and singles, make-up fans and model making enthusiasts.

And what comes next?
What is the ideal Advent calendar for Trivadis customers and employees? To answer this question, heads have been put together internally in recent months and weeks. This creative process created a bunch of ideas from which we picked the best and created 24 inspiring, touching and humorous contents, one of which is waiting for you every day until Christmas Eve. But where? In true Trivadis fashion, the innovative path was also taken with regard to this question – and a completely digital Advent calendar was created.

Anyone who knows the possibilities of the digital world knows that there will be a few surprises behind such doors. This much can already be revealed: Among other things, the familiar face of Santa Claus is waiting for its big appearance, a specially composed and performed Trivadis Christmas song will give you goosebumps and put you in a Christmas mood and we will raffle some prizes – including one that you wouldn't be able to buy. The Advent calendar will also launch a project that "ignites your mind". So it's worth checking in every day. We wish you lots of fun!


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