Bauer Sepp interviews Primo Amrein, Cloud Lead at Microsoft Switzerland

The continuation of the conversation between Bauer Sepp and Primo Amrein, Cloud Lead at Microsoft Switzerland - about his fascination with the cloud, the key to success for companies and the state of the nation.

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Bauer Sepp: What did you want to be when you were a child?

Primo Amrein: As a child, my biggest dream was to become a pilot. The topic "Above the clouds" was already relevant at that time. (laughs)

Bauer Sepp: Today you are currently the Cloud Lead of Microsoft Switzerland. Satisfied with the outcome?

Primo Amrein: Definitely. I am very happy with the outcome. We were able to achieve a lot with the local data centres and customer data storage in Switzerland.

Bauer Sepp: What fascinates you about the cloud?

Primo Amrein: That companies that go to the cloud are almost, in a positive sense, forced to rethink. You can't do everything 1: 1 in the cloud as before. For example, the cloud enables many things that were previously strictly and rigidly tied to a place or paper to be made more free and flexible. This gives more room to new business models.

Bauer Sepp:  We've all heard a lot about the benefits of Microsoft's Swiss cloud. Is there anything else that people don't yet know, but definitely should?

Primo Amrein: Since January 2020, we have been the first major global cloud provider to hold the ISO 27701 certificate. This is a standard for the privacy of customer data published on August 6, 2019. And we already have the certificate in the Swiss data centres.

Bauer Sepp:  What is for you the most exciting opportunity that the cloud offers?

Primo Amrein: That young companies that are still very small suddenly have immense opportunities to grow quickly and strongly thanks to the cloud, even internationally.

Bauer Sepp:  What do you think is the key to the success of a business?

Primo Amrein: That you are flexible and fast. In other words, respond to changing circumstances accordingly and use the cloud to move forward.

Bauer Sepp:  What drives you up the wall and when are you on cloud 9?

Primo Amrein: As the whole family is currently also working from home, I asked my wife about this. She said that sometimes she drives me up the wall and sometimes I’m on cloud 9 due to her (laughs) In business terms, I’m on cloud 9 about how we started very well with the Swiss cloud and will continue to stay on the ball. 

Bauer Sepp:  One last question about the state of the nation: How does Microsoft support companies to overcome current challenges?

Primo Amrein: In view of the situation, we decided to make our collaboration platform Microsoft Teams available free of charge for six months. This enables employees to work together easily, regardless of location or time. Partners like Trivadis support companies in integrating Microsoft teams into existing structures in the best possible way and also to integrate data and applications in a meaningful way, i.e. to set up a valuable digital workplace. Without compromising on data protection and security of course.

Hier zu allen Möglichkeiten, mit denen Trivadis euch unterstützt

Bauer Sepp: Primo, thank you very much for answering my questions. And good luck for the future!

Primo Amrein: Thank you, Sepp, well done!

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