Data Innovation – Interview with Olaf Nimz

A company's ability to innovate is one of the key factors today to be and stay competitive. In a world that spins faster and faster, business models must be constantly renewed according to trends and developments. The basis for this is the intelligent handling of data made possible by modern data innovation platforms. What do such platforms have to achieve? Which tools are frequently used? We asked Olaf Nimz, responsible for Chief Data Scientist at Trivadis.

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Plans of the new leadership duo: an interview with Ana Campos and Gerald Klump

Bettertogether : Trivadis has been led by two Co-CEOs since mid-September. The fact that Ana Campos and Gerald Klump complement each other perfectly due to their previous careers was demonstrated not only in their presentation at the TechEvent, in which they presented the future direction of the company, but also in the following interview.

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No panic – 5 Last minute tips for GDPR

Only a few days remain until the EU-wide GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force 25th May 2018. GDPR concerns all companies processing personal data of EU residents. From the end of May this year, companies that have so far successfully ignored this topic, risk being threatened by a letter from a lawyer or worse: The new regulation provides for fines in the millions. What can those responsible now do to prevent this?

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Trivadis TechEvent 2017: Passion meets Innovation

Innovation, quality, enthusiasm and customer orientation – these keywords were the focus of this year's Trivadis TechEvent, held on the 15th of September. Many contributions from customers and staff told about the implementation of the digital transformation, which demands exactly these virtues. Only with enthusiasm can new ideas be developed and only when quality is good can these result in real projects. And only when the customer receives advantages and added value is the project worthwhile.

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