That time of year…


The editorial team of the Trivadis corporate blog would like to say THANK YOU at the end of this exciting year!

We would like to thank our readers, or rather users, as they say in the online world, for their interest; we would also like to thank our customers, partners and co-workers at Trivadis for their fascinating contributions and patient text approvals.

The team has published around 40 entries in the German blog in the past year, covering the whole broad range of topics that customers of Trivadis are after: from the Digital Transformation in general and the ever-popular topic the cloud through to the Digital Workplace in particular. The highlight of the first quarter was clearly the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Trivadis, which was also the “go” for carrying the new vision of Trivadis to the outside world: Making a world possible in which it is a given that smart IT makes work and life easier, summarized in our mission “Together for a smarter life.”


In terms of technology, we addressed popular topics in the past year such as AI and Machine Learning, Everything-as-a-Service and further innovations. We had some star guests as well. Elon Musk, the legendary founder of Tesla Motors and Space X, was featured when he came to congratulate the Swissloop team of ETH Zurich, which received support from Trivadis. As was Neil Harbisson, the first person to have an antenna in their head to be able to hear colours.

Trivadis has a lot planned for the coming year and we look forward to keeping you updated here on the blog. It’s going to be exciting!

But first we’d like to wish you a few relaxing holidays, maybe around the Christmas tree, and a great start to a happy and health year in 2020.

May there be many great presents for you – perhaps even something digital. Something that makes your life easier. Technology that you are excited about. Above all, though, we hope that you will get that which really matters in life: some time with the people you love.

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