Plans of the new leadership duo: an interview with Ana Campos and Gerald Klump

Bettertogether : Trivadis has been led by two Co-CEOs since mid-September. The fact that Ana Campos and Gerald Klump complement each other perfectly due to their previous careers was demonstrated not only in their presentation at the TechEvent, in which they presented the future direction of the company, but also in the following interview.

What do the new Co-CEOs have in mind, what do they value about Trivadis and how will the industry develop? We inquired.

What are your plans for the infamous first "100 days"?

Campos_KlumpNew top management: Ana Campos and Gerald Klump  

Ana Campos (AC): 1. to get to know even more employees personally and to further promote talent development. 2. our new sense of "enabling a world in which intelligent IT makes life and work naturally easier" and to focus on the resulting transformation to make Trivadis fit for the future. In times of digitalisation, many things are no longer as they used to be. Which is why we are renewing ourselves. This means changing our business processes, our structures, our management and our IT systems. All this is a great challenge for us. 3. to take over the operational management and to enter the day-to-day business in greater depth.

Gerald Klump (GK): To bring the current financial year to a successful conclusion and at the same time press ahead with the planned transformation, so that we can start with our four business areas on January 1st 2019. We will also continue to improve cooperation within Trivadis across regional boundaries. To this end, a close exchange between the new committees and a large local presence in the regions are already planned. Finally, we also want to further strengthen the proximity to our customers.

What are your long-term plans for Trivadis?

AC: A world in which intelligent IT makes life and work naturally easier, making it easier to play an active role in shaping the future and becoming an «employer of choice»: To offer fun in meaningful work. If we have self-motivated employees who find meaning in their work, this is also reflected in the quality of our services. In this way, we can also become the «IT service provider of choice» in the DACH region. Customers will only «love» companies if their employees do the same.

GK: To expand the four business areas in and with which we want to operate successfully and grow in a focused manner. As Trivadis, we can thus respond in the best possible way to the rapidly changing and growing needs of our customers. To achieve this, we need a high level of motivation on the part of our employees. We achieve this above all by having fun together at work - according to this year's motto «Better Together».

IMG_20180914_092531New business areas for Trivadis

What do you appreciate about Trivadis?

AC: Our incredible enthusiasm for interaction and results. That problems inspire us to develop smart solutions. That we find answers to complex questions together. That we increase and expand knowledge and experience among colleagues. That we actively use freedom to shape, decide and take responsibility. That we - even when things get difficult - stick together.

GK: There's a lot here: starting with our corporate values, our great employees, our in-depth know-how and our understanding of quality to our individuality, autonomy and independence. Personally, I can look back on almost 20 very exciting Trivadis years.

IMG_20180914_092418Cultural values of the Trivadis

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said: "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up men together to procure wood, assign tasks and divide up the work, but teach men the longing for the endless sea." What is your understanding of leadership?

AC: My thoughts exactly. Without longing and passion, you lack adrenaline and self-motivation. When people with the same values come together and work together on a meaningful task, creativity and cooperation are spurred on. I firmly believe that this will result in high quality services.

GK: I expect our employees to actively shape the future of Trivadis and assume responsibility. This is also one of our corporate principles, which I believe in and stand for, as well as a cooperative and transformational management style. We want to encourage our employees to live our values by showing fun and enthusiasm.

IMG_20180914_095128-01Ana Campos and Gerald Klump at the TechEvent

What trends will shape the ICT industry in the coming year?

AC: Big data and data analytics as the basis of digital business, multi-cloud integration and cloud provider management, data security, mainly due to compliance requirements (GDPR, FINMA & BAFIN Regulative, ISO and BSI standards etc.), the trend towards automation, generation and configuration (not only applications, but also infrastructure (as code)) and distributed ledgers (e.g. blockchain) beyond Bitcoin and Co.

GK: On the one hand, digitalization will certainly continue. Two aspects are particularly exciting for us: first, the fact that data is increasingly seen as enterprise value, and second, how to deal with exponential data growth. The many small IoT devices (data collectors) will continue to fuel this trend. On the other hand, there will be a shift from IT consumption to service consumption: Customers will increasingly procure technical resources combined with services as an overall service, with IT on the customer side receding into the background.

What are you interested in outside of the Trivadis-World?

AC: My family, my animals, my friends, sports, painting, photography as well as architecture and interior design.  

GK: sports (jogging, squash, skiing, swimming etc.), travel and home automation

Now one more quick question and answer session. Dog or cat?

AC: Dog, but also likes cats, I have six of them at home - dogs only two
GK: Dog

Canada or the Caribbean?

AC: Canada
GK: Caribbean

iOS or Windows?

GK: Windows

Old or new?

AC: Turning old into new
GK: New

Ber or Wine?

AC: Wine, but I don't say no to a caña either
GK: Wine

Sausage or quinoa?

AC: Quinoa
GK: Sausage

Cold or warm?

AC: Warm
GK: Warm

Beatles or Metallica?

AC: Metallica
GK: Metallica

Car or bike?

AC: Car
GK: Car

Yes or no?

AC: Yes
GK: Yes

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