“The cloud is great fun”

On 4 February, Trivadis launched a campaign with Sepp, everyone’s favourite farmer from the popular reality show “Bauer sucht Frau” (“Farmer Wants a Wife”), to advertise Microsoft Cloud services. In our interview, Co-CEO Ana Campos explained what’s behind the campaign – and why it’s okay to have your head in the clouds, at least in IT.

ana120The core of the new Trivadis campaign for the Microsoft Cloud is an ad with Farmer Sepp. How did this collaboration with Sepp come about?

Ana Campos: Sepp is hugely popular right now, a real social media star in Switzerland. He embodies Swiss values such as security, reliability and stability. That’s also what the new Swiss cloud from Microsoft represents – as does our offer. We are very happy that we were able to get Sepp on board as our ambassador. The video is embedded below.

The aim of Trivadis is to make life and work easier with smart solutions. What role does the cloud play in this?

Ana Campos: The cloud is perfect for this. Just about any business challenge can be mastered with cloud solutions. New business models can also be analysed quickly and easily – particularly as the cloud makes so many things technologically possible. For example, with the right know-how, AI and machine-learning technology can be integrated easily and quickly into the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Are companies really already using AI?

Ana Campos: We have already developed and implemented a wide range of solutions with AI components for our customers. A minerals producer, for example, is able to detect machine damage up to 45 days in advance. For the public transport operator in Fribourg, we developed a smart bus depot that directs the bus driver to the best parking or workshop bay in the depot, which helps buses to be on time. For one of our airline customers, we built a chatbot as a digital assistant that helps customers rebook their flights in exceptional circumstances. And these are just a few examples: the sky’s the limit!

Which companies is the cloud not suitable for?

Ana Campos: In the medium term, all companies will end up using the cloud. There will, of course, be some companies that don’t want to move all their data and processes to the public cloud for compliance and business-critical reasons, but that doesn’t mean that they need to forgo the cloud entirely. It is often the case that decision-makers don’t have the knowledge and experience to be able to make a differentiated assessment of the risks. The key question isn’t “cloud – yes or no?” but rather “cloud – what, why and how?”

Trivadis has been working closely with Microsoft for almost 20 years. What advantages does the Microsoft Cloud offer?

Ana Campos: The Microsoft Cloud combines over 700 services that cover all modern technologies. These services were also made available from Swiss data centres for the first time in August 2019. For Swiss companies in particular, it is advantageous not only from a regulatory and legal perspective to keep their data in Switzerland, but for technical reasons as well. Swiss data centres also appeal to companies in nearby countries because their location implies established Swiss values such as security, reliability and stability.

Microsoft also offers a variety of business applications – such as Office – that can be integrated seamlessly into the cloud. What’s more, on-premises IT environments are usually based on Microsoft technology, which makes it easier to transition to the Microsoft Cloud.

Why should companies choose Trivadis as their cloud partner?

Ana Campos: Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is a big fan of ours. He named us as a pioneer in the cloud segment at the international Microsoft conference in 2016. Data also run in our blood: We have been supporting our customers in the smart use of data for over 25 years. And the cloud is the best way to do this. Our customers can also benefit from a comprehensive range of services from a single source: grasping trends and innovations, building sustainable platforms, developing solutions that are fit for future, sourcing know-how and training as well as all aspects of operations. To use an image that also matches the Trivadis colours: We are like a Swiss Army knife.

The new campaign is called “Just clever”. What’s the idea behind it?

Ana Campos: We wanted this campaign to demonstrate that the cloud is accessible to everyone, provided they have the right technical and methodological support – and that, when used properly, it can offer a lot of benefits and be great fun.


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