Bauer Sepp interviews Primo Amrein, Cloud Lead at Microsoft Switzerland (Part 1)

Farmer Sepp has grilled Primo Amrein, Cloud Lead at Microsoft Switzerland – on the future of the Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft's contribution to a smarter life and the freedom above the clouds. Watch the video here.


Farmer Sepp: In the 70s, Reinhard Mey sang: Above the clouds, freedom must be infinite. Does that also apply to Microsoft?

Primo Amrein: No, not at all. Cloud has aspects of you can't grasp it, floating around somewhere. But in fact, Cloud is exactly the opposite. There are servers – you know that as you have servers in the stable yourself. They are located somewhere. So we can guarantee that the data does not leave the country. 

Farmer Sepp: What do you value most about working with Trivadis?

Primo Amrein: Trivadis aims to become the best Azure partner in Switzerland, which is an ambitious goal. The company is working hard to achieve this and I think that’s great.


Farmer Sepp: The mission of Trivadis is «Together for a smarter life». How do you interpret this sentence?

Primo Amrein: To me, first and foremost, it means «together». Despite the Cloud and despite machines, the focus is still on people. And «for a smarter life» means that the Cloud helps provide solutions which hopefully make our life smarter.

Are you interested in the Microsoft Cloud with Trivadis?

Farmer Sepp: How does Microsoft contribute to an easier and better life?

Primo Amrein: With our Cloud we want to provide companies with a platform on which they can drive innovation themselves. We are aware that the data does not belong to us – we are only managing it. So we want to provide our customers with a platform that hopefully helps them make something clever of their data.

Farmer Sepp: What will the Microsoft Cloud look like in 10 years?

Primo Amrein: It will certainly grow because more companies will have their data in the Cloud. At some point, the Cloud will become a matter of course – like electricity from the wall socket.

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Farmer Sepp: Is there anything you would like to ask me?

Primo Amrein: I'll gladly return the question: What happens next for you? In 10 years, will the Federal Councillors walk in and out of your house in Uri?

Farmer Sepp: I'll have to take it one step at a time. I don't think it's gonna come to that. In 10 years, many a mouse will slip into another hole. Who knows if we’ll still be here.


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