“Defeats show you who is truly a champion – and who is not”

Dimitri Steinmann, one of the world’s top squash players at only 22 years old, is the official ambassador for the ghosting app “Go to the T” from Trivadis. We spoke with him about mental toughness, creativity in the game and his fascination with Muhammad Ali – and about what executives can learn from him.

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How we can learn from data

The ability to use data intelligently helps to tip the scale more and more often. What do companies need to be able to do this? We sat down for a chat with our Co-CEO Ana Campos about the opportunities and boundaries of our data-driven society – and about the fact that data can sometimes be lifesaving.

The Dark Side of Leadership

SAP recently announced that it would be disbanding its joint leadership – as had Oracle, Deutsche Bank, Salesforce and others before them. Immediately following this announcement, the co-CEO model was declared to be dead. The crux of the matter wasn’t the model itself, though, but rather our idea of what a (co)-CEO should be.

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