"One day we will be able to build human-like artificial intelligence – and we will have to"

What will tomorrow's world look like? How can we make it better with intelligent solutions? In a new series of interviews, our Co-CEO Ana Campos discusses these questions with people who have the answers. The series kicks off with the Swiss AI pioneer Pascal Kaufmann. With the Mindfire Foundation, Pascal networks the brightest minds in the world – with one goal: to decode the principle of intelligence.

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The three most common mistakes when transitioning into the cloud

It’s only a matter of time for when most companies will move to using the cloud – if they aren’t already doing so. In all the euphoria of that step, it’s easy to forget that there are numerous different stumbling blocks that can cause cloud plans to go awry.

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“The cloud is great fun”

On 4 February, Trivadis launched a campaign with Sepp, everyone’s favourite farmer from the popular reality show “Bauer sucht Frau” (“Farmer Wants a Wife”), to advertise Microsoft Cloud services. In our interview, Co-CEO Ana Campos explained what’s behind the campaign – and why it’s okay to have your head in the clouds, at least in IT.

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