That time of year…

The editorial team of the Trivadis corporate blog would like to say THANK YOU at the end of this exciting year!

We would like to thank our readers, or rather users, as they say in the online world, for their interest; we would also like to thank our customers, partners and co-workers at Trivadis for their fascinating contributions and patient text approvals.

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Managed services are the hot thing

Statistics show that demand for managed services is growing, as is the number of providers. Profondia has found that, of more than 13,000 Swiss companies with 30+ employees and 10+ IT staff, 9 in 10 companies use a cloud solution. The survey also shows that the number of companies that use a managed service for certain IT areas rose to 84 percent in 2018. All of these trends continue to grow.

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An Interview with Neil Harbisson, Cyborg

In his keynote speech at this year’s TechEvent, Neil shared with us his fascinating world, in which he is able to hear colours, words and faces thanks to technology. But what’s it like, living with an antenna in your head? Does he have more ideas for expanding his senses? Does he have visions for the future? After his appearance at the TechEvent, we got another chance to ask him a few questions.

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TechEvent 2019: Together for a smarter life

“Digitalization is great, but it also takes a lot of work.” Felicitas Hanne, Director of Kinderhaus AtemReich, stated this during the panel discussion at the start of the Trivadis TechEvent 2019. She was referring on the one hand to the great help that IT support provides the doctors, nurses and assistants who work with the severely disabled children in their Munich home, but also to the adjustment that working with computers and data requires.

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